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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Still not Convinced?

Still not completely sure that Stay Sacramento is a group of elitists who are only out for their own good, at the expense of the betterment of the community? Take a look at their donor list from a geographical view.

View Stay Sacramento Supporters List in a larger map

I want you to note a couple things. First, obviously the majority of their donors come from the southern end of town (especially south of Fair Oaks). No real surprise there. But also notice how many donors are completely outside of the area. These are the ones who trying to protect their money, either through relationships with the power brokers down south, or by being remembered when Arden Arcade gets annexed by Sacramento and new work is up for grabs.

Stay Sacramento is an elitist organization that wants to put your families at risk in order to secure their own fiefdoms. Don't buy the lies. Do your own research and get the facts. The numbers are out there.


  1. That's a great map listing where the opponents' donors live. How about showing a map where the pro-cityhood donors live? It just might give us something to compare.


  2. I live in Antelope, but I just think it is a plain good idea for an urbanized area to incorporate itself and escape from unincorporated county-land whenever possible, based upon Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove. I am not sure where that would put me on the support map chart if I donate (I have yet to do so).

  3. C, I agree it would be interesting to see the comparison. I have my connections working on getting me a copy of that list as well. Hopefully I can get something in place later this week.