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Monday, October 4, 2010

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

With the recent economic problems that we are all seeing, I have to wonder if the Bee had to lay off all of its fact checkers. This morning's edition has an editorial coming out against incorporation. But, there are so many distortions and outright untruths in this editorial that it's probably a good thing there is no byline at the top.

Arden Arcade's numbers are solid. The most recent study was done with the latest available numbers, well after we had entered the current recession. Future predictions are based on maintaining the status quo, which means staying in a recession for the next ten years. Do we really think this downturn is going to last that long?

Whether or not "now" is the right time is a moot question. The city can say they have no plans for annexation, but they have taken the first legal step toward doing so by including us in their general plan. While incorporation is on the table they can't move forward, so there is no harm in making the claim that they don't wan't us - other than another outright lie. But any time after the election, if cityhood fails, they can declare we are within their sphere of influence. That is their next step, and will effectively prohibit us from any chance to incorporate. Then it's just a matter of time until they make annexation formal. And of course, it will be simple enough to say they came to realize how much better things will be for us under their watchful care. Just like North Sacramento (now known as Del Paso Heights). But if we decide the timing is wrong, there will not be another chance. As Elvis once crooned, it's now or never.

Most cityhood supporters, myself included, have no aspirations for public office. All I want is a place to raise my kids where they will be safe, and where they will want to live when they grow up and start families. The 100,000 residents of Arden Arcade can't fix the messed up federal or state systems, but they can make life better here and now, for themselves and their families.

Candidates, I offer this modest proposal. In the spirit of fairness, and how the opposition is acting toward us, I suggest that all future campaign literature should include the quote, straight out of this piece: "Urban areas like Arden Arcade ought to be in a city, and residents should have more local control."


After posting this earlier today I've started to receive notes asking me to urge readers to cancel their Bee subscriptions. Frankly, I think the Bee is quite used to this, and knows it only makes a blip on the radar for a short time, and once the heat is off, things go back to normal. But they do listen to complaints from subscribers. Give 'em a call, let them know you think their editorial is a steaming pile. Better yet, go to the online version and post a comment. Pick one thing from the garbage heap that you can address with clarity, and set them straight on it. Be courteous and polite, but let them know they can't get away with this. If we could get a thousand comments on their site, people will notice.


  1. I want to know who wrote this. An editorial is personal opinion. They have a right to their opinion but to declare such a position and hide behind anonymity is cowardly at least and could constitute political advertising without being held accountable for their words. This person must not be from Arden Arcade since they say that Annexation is the best option for us. Even Stay Sacramento says they do not want that. Sacramento Bee-- Do not print editorials without publishing the author. This is Bias journalism.

  2. Michael S is still having problems leaving a comment. He sent me this:

    "Once again the Bee panders to its select, and dwindling, group of failed downtown-Sacramento0-centric insiders. "Let them eat cake," they say. Unless us peasants get to the barricades, that's not all we'll eat."

  3. Since the Bee was unsuccessful in preventing Arden Arcade from voting (Editorial: Arden city boosters flub their big chance, June 9, 2010) the Bee now resorts to misrepresentations and withholds critical information in an effort to prevent cityhood for Arden Arcade. The Bee knows there will be no second chance and that the City of Sacramento can use LAFCo rules (Chapter V, Section H, Item 7) to kill another attempt before it can get off the ground. The Bee fails to tell Arden Arcade residents that it won't get to vote on annexation unless more than 9,000 registered voters sign a petition protesting the annexation within a 30-60 day time period. Ask anyone who carried petitions for the incorporation effort how hard that will be. The Bee fails to disclose that the Sheriff's grant funds will run out in 3 years and the County must fund the 4th year. This is no long term solution but you sure can't tell it from reading the Bee. The Bee tells us we just need to lobby the Board of Supervisors, who will by the way be looking our for their own areas, and ask for more services to Arden Arcade. This must be a joke given the County's budget problems and the realities of County decision making. The Bee could at least be honest and tell everyone that it wants Arden Arcade cityhood to fail so that we will be a part of the City of Sacramento.

  4. The Sacramento Bee (Ess) still is pining for a city-county merger and despises all the suburban peons who wish to incorporate and improve their neighborhoods. They would prefer us all to be part of KJ's Kingdom, formerly Fargo's Folly, formerly Serna's Soviet, formerly Rudin's Red Square.