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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh...

OK, I use quite a bit of photography and videos in my line of work. I tend to err on the side of caution, but I've always been under the impression that videotaping someone without their permission and then publicly releasing that video was against the law. Anyone out there who can quote me chapter and verse on that?

It becomes somewhat important after the twit with the rolling billboard eyesore videotaped me when I confronted him about his illegal sign. Like the Stay Sac signs that Duveneck publicly apologized for, the billboard has no FPPC number or "Paid for by..." language. I told the guy to get it off the streets, and it ends up on YouTube. Fascinating how politics works.

Yes, I was ticked. And although I'm not upset about the video (I think it's really quite amusing), I am upset when I think about the incident. This guy added his name to the list of those putting my kids at risk for personal interest. And this one doesn't even live here - just a stinking mercenary.

Go ahead and check out the vid. In context it's really quite funny.

Apparently I'm now known as the Measure D Vigilante.

If you have to fight back the bile to view their Facebook page, here are the comments:

Daniel Clark Orey: right wing teaparty fascist nutcases... we cannot afford to have these people in charge of our local govenrment! (sic) vote no on D!

In the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny, What A Maroon! I'd hardly call myself right wing. Fascist? I thought those were the ones who lied to get their way. Like, oh let's see... Stay Sac? And for the record, his one coherent statement was that no one wants me in charge of their government. Not that I ever aspired to that. But people who make statements like this probably can't read those complicated sample ballots. Two syllable words and all...

Jane Merlo: Some people are so petty..

Wonder if she meant me or the guy who commented before? But yeah, some people are like that. Annoys the spit out of those who want to make life better for their families. Such is life.

Kara Kindstrom Parsons: He just makes himself look like an idiot... just like his blog does.

Like I said, I wasn't at my best that day. But I really do think that in fairness, I do a MUCH better job of making myself look like an idiot here. But we all know opinions are like rear ends. Everyone's got one, and most of 'em stink.

Lisa Anne Hurt Forsythe: ‎"Sign vigilante"....LOL!! That guy needs a hobby...

Sorry, I already have a hobby. It's trying my best to make sure I never hear the question "Daddy, why does that lady want you to take her on a date?"

So here is the proposition. I say we have some fun with this, and get the ball back in the alley at the same time. If we can get confirmation that this video thing was illegal, and get a suit going, I'll donate whatever is left over after expenses to the fund to get incorporation started up again. I figure if we have standing legally, then the sign twit is culpable for taping me without permission, and Stay Sac is even more so for posting it. And there is nothing I'd like better than letting the community know that Stay Sac provided major funding for the next cityhood movement!

Of course they have better lawyers, so this is probably just a pipe dream. But after all, a man without a vision will perish.


In case there is still any confusion, the re-org meeting I had suggested for this Friday isn't going to happen. Mike Grace's meeting last week got us to start a dialogue, and that was what we needed at this point. We'll see where things go from here. I'll do my best to announce any upcoming events here as well.


For those who live close to Fulton Avenue. the planning commission met tonight and heard public comment from several who supported and opposed the proposed special planning area along the avenue (essentially the Fulton Ave Business Association). It was deja vu all over again. After a presentation from commission staff assuring everyone that everything was going to be fine, and just drink the kool aid, Melinda Eppler took the podium and told us all how wonderful life will be once the county and residents abandon their rights to speak on new businesses and just let them handle it all. Fortunately a few people showed up with brains engaged, and asked the tough questions that really matter.

The one point that keeps bugging me? Why would any upstanding, legitimate business be unwilling to stand before the commission, like we did tonight, and present the case for their venture? If a potential business owner feels the need to circumvent this process, then we really need to take a close look at what they have in mind.

I was especially proud of my 7 year old daughter, who asked me last week if she could speak, and overcame her fear to address the commissioners like a champ. Unfortunately the mics were a bit high, and I think most of what she said went unheard, but she made the point that kids are involved in these things too. Hopefully the commission understood that too.

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  1. Well Ed, I am looking at ex-Governor Moonbeam going back to the Governor's seat, and that Bolshevik Bitch "Ma'am" Boxer getting re-elected to Senate, and a lot of other worthless incumbent ciphers in California getting re-elected, and I sadly am not surprised. The California you and I grew up in is gone. The once Golden State has turned to shit. Too many takers and not enough makers in California today. Dupes like "Daniel Clark Orey" are prime exhibits.

    Arden Arcade had a chance to make their own destiny and improve themselves like Citrus Heights or Rancho Cordova. Even if the Arden Arcadians subsequently made big mistakes in such an alternate universe, they would *still* improve their lot, just as the citizens of Elk Grove did.

    Sadly, it wasn't just the Leftist fools who voted down Arden Arcade's potentially bright future. There were a lot of otherwise Right-thinking people who bought into the slogan that "less government means less government", forgetting that *more local* government is ultimately less government.

    The Arden Arcadians may be annexed by Sacramento proper, and then they can be lorded over by the Lexus Liberals of Land Park and/or the "Fabulous Forties". Then again, the Lexus Libs might reason that annexing the Arden Arcadians might bring in too many of the "less government" conservative voters that would upset their liberal fiefdom. So instead, they might leave you to rot in your County status, as Arden Arcade slowly becomes more and more run-down like North Highlands.

    Either way, Arden Arcade really missed an opportunity to create a vibrant thrving community.